Terms of service for supporters

Effective Date: 1st February, 2018

Terms of service for supporters

Regarding the use by members of JAPANKURU FUNDING (hereinafter referred to as “this service”) operated by GLOBAL DAILY Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “this company”),we will establish the following guidelines (hereinafter referred to as “these guidelines”).

1. Definitions

A Project Owners is a person who raises funds through this service.
A backers is a provider of funds to a project, and funds provided by supporters are called support funds.
A user is a person who accesses this service in addition to a performer or supporter.
A pledge refers to a gift or a privilege for each project promised to be provided to the supporter from the performer. In some cases, it may be a tangible product or an intangible service. A project is a plan proposed to our company by a implementer as the target of raising contributions. Contents are as described in the project outline. As for the support forms of the project, there are two types: “All-or-Nothing” and “All-In”.

2. Outline of this service

The implementer specifies the specific content, number of offers, and timing of offering of products or services subject to remuneration according to the contribution raising period, the target amount, and the amount of contribution money and specifies this on the project page.
Supporters can give their contributions on the project page within the contribution raising period, in consideration of the right to receive the goods or services proposed by the performer, by the method specified in this service. Cancellation, refund requests and other withdrawals of payment can not be accepted
once they have made a contribution.
We can display the status of contributions by supporters, information on supporters who made a contribution, etc. on the project page.
In the case that the total amount of the contribution money reaches the target amount within the contribution raising period, the implementer shall start the project activity at the time that the applicable contribution raising period expires.
When the total amount of contribution money reaches the target amount, we will settle the payment of the contribution money from the supporters. For example, in an All or Nothing type project, if the target amount is not reached within the contribution raising period, payment of support money will not be settled. The settlement of the payment of the contribution money will be carried out under the name of the credit card settlement agent designated by our company.
When the total amount of contribution money reaches the target amount, our company deducts the balance obtained by deducting the prescribed fee from the contribution money collected within the recruitment period by the end of the month following the month of the end of the recruitment period, and we will pay it to the implementer.

3. Premise of using this service

In order to use this service, it is necessary to register as a member in accordance with the formalities fixed by our company.
When registering as a member, you need to agree to the membership agreement, these guidelines and other provisions as stipulated by our company, and we will assume that you have agreed to these provisions when you register as a member.

4. Important Points

The supporter cannot cancel, request a refund or withdrawal of payment after paying the support money, without exception.
The supporter must not request compensation from the implementer for support money beyond pre-contracted fees.
Our company does not guarantee the progress, continuation and success of the project in any way, nor the quality, safety, uniformity and so forth of the remunerating goods or services.
Our company will not refund the contribution money even if the project cannot proceed, continue or succeed for some reason, regardless of whether it is before or after the project activity starts.
All claims concerning the project other than the operation of this service will be solved by the implementer as their responsibility and our company shall not be concerned at all.
n the case that trouble arises with the between the supporter and the implementer concerning payment and exchange of such a voucher, they shall resolve this problem with the performer at their expense and responsibility, and our company will not be concerned with this.
Even if the settlement, payment of remuneration, etc. are delayed due to reason attributable to supporters or due to force majeure, causing damage to the supporter, our company assumes no responsibility.
Our company may use personal information of supporters in accordance with the privacy policy if necessary for the provision of this service.

5. Copyright

In addition to assistance, supporters shall be able to transmit URLs, logos, etc. on this service on the Internet as long as they do not infringe the rights of our company, implementers and third parties. However, due to such transmission acts, in the case that a dispute or a claim arises, the supporters shall resolve the dispute or claim with their own expenses and responsibilities and this will not concern our company.
Supporters shall request our company’s permission in advance when using URLs, logos, etc. relating to this service on print media other than on the Internet. All rights relating to the implementer’s projects belongs to our company, holding the copyright of this service. However, when the rights belongs to the implementer based on the copyright law concerning the project, this does not apply for such rights.

6. Changing, suspending or abolishing this service

Our company shall be able to change, suspend or abolish the contents of this service at any time without prior notice of any kind.
Our company will not bear any responsibility for such change, suspension or abolition, even if the supporter or the third party is damaged as a result.

7. Governing laws and jurisdictions

The applicable law of this guideline is Japanese law.
In the event of a dispute with respect to these guidelines, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the first examiner’s exclusive agreement jurisdiction.

8. Changes to this guideline

Our company shall be able to change this guideline without prior notice of the consent of the supporter. After such a change, supporters using this service shall agree to such change.