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WURIT 2019 Outline!

The 「World University Rugby Invitation Tournament(WURIT)2019」 outline has been decided!

  • Participating teams

    • Waseda University – Waseda University Rugby Football Club (Japan)

    • Oxford University – Oxford University RFC(England) (Previous Hosts)

    • University of Cape Town – UCT Ikey Tigers (South Africa) (Previous Tournaments Champions)

    • University of British Columbia – UBC Thunderbirds (Canada)

    • Siberian Federal University

    • New Zealand University – New Zealand Universities Rugby Football Inc (Collective Team)

    • The University of Sydney – Sydney University Football Club (Australia) (First Time Participants)

    • University of Bordeaux (France) (Planned host of the next WURIT in 2023) (First Time Participants)

    • China Agricultural University (China) (First Time Participants)

  • Schedule of the Tournament
  • Monday 16th September: Opening Ceremony held in Waseda University Building 14 Hall / Opening Party at Okuma Garden House
  • Tuesday 17th September: Training at Nerima Ward Training Pitch/ Kami Igusa Sports Centre etc.       
                                                   ※After practice, event with the local children.
  • Wednesday 18th September: Match Day One(Primary qualifiers)Kami Igusa Ground/ Yokokawa Electric Corp Ground
  • Thursday 19th September: Training at Nerima Ward Oizumi Sakura Park/ Kami Igusa Sports Centre etc.   
                                                   ※After practice, event with the local children.
  • Friday 20th September: Match Day 2(Placing tournament prelims)Kami Igusa Ground/ Yokokawa Electric Corp Ground
  • Saturday 21st September: Training at Nerima Ward Training Pitch/Suginami Ward Igusa Mori Public Park   
                                                  ※After practice, event with the local children.
  • Sunday 22nd September: Match Day 3(Placing Tournament(Places 5th~10th))@Kami Igusa Ground
  • Monday 23rd September: Match Day 4 (Placing Tournament 3(Places 1st~4th))/Aftermatch Function at Kami Igusa Ground
  • Opening Ceremony Outline

The Opening Ceremony for the WURIT 2019 will take place in Waseda University Building 14 Room 201 on Monday September 16th. All players, staff and support will be present.

At the ceremony, the organising committee will open followed by information about the selection games as well as the aim of the tournament –being [The pursuit of the true underlying value of Rugby] being discussed by each team. 

As well as hearing the thoughts on this by each of the teams’ captains, we will also hear from the deceased Katsuhiko Oku’s close personal friend Reg Clark.

  • Outline for the Event with the Local children

We will be holding an event for the players and local children, so that they have a chance to positively interact with each other.

This time is essential for these young children as this will be one of the first big events where they will come into contact with rugby. The plan is for these children to be able to have a training session and after that having a meal with each other.

  • Outline for the Aftermatch Function

On the final night of the tournament after the last match on Monday September 23rd, the plan is to hold an Aftermatch Function at the Kami Igusa ground.

The idea is to have all the teams bring out a performance or something of the like to celebrate the tournament. Then finally casting of the team names come together as one and celebrate the game of rugby and together singing songs and revelling like the past tournament. 

(Past Tournaments Aftermatch Function)

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