Project Reports

Thank you so much for all your support, your kindness, and your help. There are no words that can describe how grateful we are! 

Thanks to everyone ‘s help, on Wednesday 27th February 2019, we have surpassed the 45% mark on our way to success! This is about 2,266,000 yen!

Again thank you!

We want to talk a little bit more in depth about two of the main reasons for holding this crowdfunding campaign.

 ● Special Stands 

At present, the Kami Igusa grounds don’t have suitable stands for the viewers. With everyone’s help, we plan to install “Smart Seats” for the people that come to watch! 


Smart Seats are made using molded Urethane Foam, that is perfectly fitting for those that come to watch the matches! 

With a small back as well, it is great for the back! And with being wider than the normal ground seats, they make the perfect seating!


●Event for local kids to interact with the incoming players! 

The training grounds for the players that come will be in Nerima and Suginami, and with this we want to bring in local children from the surrounding areas to train with foreigners. This will allow for the children to learn more about both how rugby is played in other countries as well as how other cultures are! 

We want the children to enjoy themselves as much as possible while being involved and we also are able to get the foreign players to see a little bit about how Japanese culture is as well! 


For those that aren’t used to crowdfunding please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! If its not possible for you to use a credit or debit card to back the project, we can accept bank transfers as well! For more information on either of these two points, please contact us via



Thank you and please think about support this project if you already haven’t and we hope you look forward to the WURIT2019!

WURIT Organizing Committee(Waseda Club)

Sadakazu Goto

Bringing the Future Players of Rugby to the World Stage! Holding the Second Ever, First Japanese World University Rugby Invitation Tournament 2019 Held Before the Rugby World Cup!

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