Project Reports

WURIT 2019 First Goal Achieved!! Second Goal Decided on!

The World University Rugby Invitation Tournament 2019 has hit it’s first goal of 5,000,000 yen!! 

Thank you everyone that has backed the project!! 


We appreciate everyone’s help and support and are so grateful!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

And so with that we want to announce our second goal!

At 6,500,000 yen, we will have enough money raised to bring the children not only for training sessions with the players but also bring them to watch first hand rugby matches at the Kami Igusa grounds!! They will get to see the strength and passion from the international students as they see with their own eyes rugby on the world stage!

We hope that you can help make this goal a realisation for us!!

Thank you!

Bringing the Future Players of Rugby to the World Stage! Holding the Second Ever, First Japanese World University Rugby Invitation Tournament 2019 Held Before the Rugby World Cup!

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