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New Project Launch: Bringing Japanese Soul Food ~Tamago Kake Gohan~ to the Wider World!

There isn’t a Japanese person around that doesn’t know about
“Tamago Kake Gohan (TKG)”

A seemingly simple meal, crack a raw egg on some rice, pour some soy sauce on top and you have TKG! But while it’s a simple dish, it’s extraordinarily tasty!

For Japanese people, it’s a soul food, something that gives them comfort and there are many that could and would eat it everyday!

But for many countries around the world, it’s impossible to have this culture. This is due to the way that eggs are handled. In Japan, eggs are safe to be eaten raw, as they are sanitized and handled differently to say America.

Combine that with a variety of different areas that breed chickens, grow rice and with more than 10,000 different soy sauces made in Japan, the variations are endless!

This makes every TKG different!

As well as this, it offers excellent nutritional value. High in vitamin C and fiber it’s the perfect meal to keep you going!
We want to share this soul food with people from all over the world, that ’s why we at the [Tamago Kake Gohan Research Institute] have decided to create a pop-up store!
By doing so, we can hopefully give foreigners and Japanese people from all over the chance to try a large selection of Tamago Kake Gohan!
We hope you can help make this pop-up store a success!!

Therefore we are preparing a selection of returns for you to help us widen TKG’s reach!

・Crowdfunding Period:15th January 2020(Wed)~27th February 2020(Thurs)23:59
・Funding Goal:300,000 Yen
・Project Type:All-in
・Returns: TKG Pop-Up store event ticket、Select TKG Products、Original Goods

Crowdfunding Page:

■About Tamago Kake Gohan Research Institute

The below are the TKG Research Institute aims:

・Support of producers (TKGResearch Institute, Farmers, Product introduction)
・Local Area Revatalisation(Creation of TKG Local Map, Creation of TKG shops in local regions, Events in local areas)
・Expansion of Japanese Food Culture(Creation of stores aimed towards foreigners, TKG Festival)


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