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Sparkling Sake – The Next Obvious Step in Sake’s Evolution: Creating a Brand New Type of Subscription Service! – Chinese New Year Returns Available!


Since the launch of the Sparkling Sake project back in November, Mr Odagiri has been thinking about ways to show sparkling sake in the best way! We started with a special Christmas return which let people get their sparkling sake in time for Christmas! That was quite popular and the returns are now in the process of being delivered!

With this in mind, he has thought about the next return that might be best to help promote the project! Returns aimed at Chinese New Year! You can back the project until [January 7th 2019]. By choosing these returns, you can receive a special bottle of either Shichiken or Sorah.

So if you want to enjoy the Chinese New Year, choose these special returns and get yours in time for the festivities!

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