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New Project Start!!! Sparkling Sake- Revitalising a great part of Japanese Culture!

[New Project Start Friday 16th November 2018!!]

The Sparkling Sake Project has launched!!

The creators of the project are looking to both help the evolution of Nihonshu by introducing people to the amazing qualities of Sparkling Sake, as well as creating a subscription service that will bring new Sparkling Sake to your door each month!

This project has quite a lot of returns so make you take the time to check which one is suitable!!

The main obvious return is the specially selected Sparkling Sake, which is both refreshing and easy to drink! The returns have great reviews from Japanese and foreigners alike!

Each return has a very high quality sparkling sake as well as an invitation to join the Subscription Site when it opens! Please take a look and if anything is unsure don’t hesitate to contact us!

Please share the project with your friends and if you can please back it!

Sparkling Sake – The next obvious step in Sake’s evolution: Creating a Brand New type of Subscription Service!

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