Project Reports

It’s been two months since the tragic fire destroyed Shuri Castle. But even so there are so many people that are helping support our project!

Thank you so much to everyone that has backed this project and helped us!

We’ve even had backing from famous artists in Japan! Yoh from the rock group ORANGE RANGE backed the project!

To have this project reach as far as these people makes us extremely happy! Thank you so much Yoh for your backing and for your support!

There are only 75 days left, so please back the project before we sent the money to the rebuilding fund that Okinawa is collecting!

Thank you for your support!



Born in 1983 in Okinawa Prefecture. Bass player of the 5 piece rock band 「ORANGE RANGE」. Also song and lyricist.

2001 was the year that ORANGE RANGE was formed, and in 2002, they released their mini album [Orange Ball]

2018 saw the release of 『ELEVEN PIECE』in both Japan and Taiwan.

One of their songs『Family』was used on NHK’s「みんなのうたMinna no Uta」.

In 2019, the band went on the「ORANGE RANGE LIVE TOUR 019 ~What a DE! What a Land!~」Tour.

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