Project Reports

Shurijo Castle Project hits 410% (1,238,000 Yen Raised at current time) success rate after outpour of support

The Shurijo Castle Fire Damage Reparation Project – Project title: “Shurijo – A tragic loss and a hope to rebuild. Raising money to help with the reparations of this amazing World Heritage site” has overnight seen a great amount of support from people all over the world, especially those from Hong Kong and Taiwan, thanks to a large amount of people sharing and getting behind the project. 

As students at Okinawa University and residents of Okinawa, we felt a profound loss yesterday but after seeing the support, we know we can rebuild as we have the support from people all over the world! We are so grateful to these supports, not just those that have backed the project but also those have shared it with friends and family. Thank you so much!

For those that haven’t yet done so, you can find the project here:

Back for free(Share Project)