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[Shurijo – A tragic loss and a hope to rebuild. Raising money to help with the reparations of this amazing World Heritage site. ]

Shurijo Project Receives Massive Burst of Support from Taiwanese Backers, Hits Goal in Less than 12 Hours

The Shurijo Castle Fire Damage Reparation project has hit its first donation goal of 300,000 Yen and shows no signs of stopping. The Project launched at around 1pm JST and by 10:30pm JST the project had hit it’s first target goal of 300,000 Yen. 

A vast majority of backers are Taiwanese, visitors that have a large history of coming to Okinawa and enjoying the scenery and of course the castle. With many repeat visitors coming from South Asia countries, we can’t express how grateful we are to everyone that has backed the project, and that feels so strongly about our small island. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

We can only ask that you share the project with as many people as possible and for those that haven’t back the project already please think about doing so! 

The project can be found here:

Back for free(Share Project)