Project Reports

Hello everyone! Thanks to everyone’s help and support, we have been able to raise 224,000 Yen!

We know that with the coronavirus affecting many people over the world, it is hard to even give what used to be a small amount as a donation or gift. With that in mind, we have added two smaller donation amounts, which we hope that people are able to back!

1,000 Yen

→Heartfelt Thanks Mail!

2,000 Yen

→Heartfelt Thanks Mail, Paralym Art World Cup 2020 Digital Memorial Book!

If you are able to back these returns, we would be extremely grateful! 

As well as this, if you are focused on SDGs and are looking to promote your work, we have added a return at 60,000 yen which will let you promote your work in an article on our website Kikuesuto! This article will be available in Japanese only, but we do hit 150,000 PV a month so we think it’s completely worth it! 

We hope that you can help support this project until the very end! 

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