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New Crowdfunding Project Launch! Creating a Short Film with MAGIC Kyoto 2019 Cosplayers and GAINAX Kyoto! -“Transported to Another World!”


October 2019 – Kyoto,Japan

With the announcement of MAGIC Kyoto 2019 being held on November 6th, a multitude of cosplayers will becoming to Kyoto from all around the world. As these cosplayers are only in Kyoto for a short amount of time, the organising committee looked at ways to involve these cosplayers more, deciding upon a special event to celebrate these cosplayers as well as give the fans a chance to interact with them. During this special event, with the help and editing support of the world famous Gainax Kyoto, the organising committee wishes to create a short movie, allowing the talents of the cosplayers to be shown to people all across the world! In order to create this short movie, funding is needed and therefore they have looked towards crowdfunding to help create this movie.

With a target of 500,000 Yen and a period of 31 days up until the day before the shoot, Eriko Honda is looking towards to pop culture community to help raise this money. The theme of the short movie has been decided on, with it being [Transported to Another World], and the setting has also been chosen, with the Edo period style town being the setting for this short film. 

Yasuhiro Takeda, President of Gainax Kyoto, has also personally added comments to the project, as well as appearing in a video looking for support.

Returns that are available are both invitations to an evening meal with the cosplayers where fans can talk to their favourite cosplayers, special photo sessions with pictures taken by a cosplayer focused cameraman from Austria, Aleksander Photography, as well as sponsor plans allowing for the backer to have their name or company name included in the credits for the short film. 

The project can be found at:

Project Information

Time Period: October 5th  2019 – November 4th 2019

Project Target: 500,000 Yen

Returns:Invitations to Evening Meal with Cosplayers, special seating at MAGIC Kyoto 2019, Photo session with seasoned cosplayer focused photographer


About MAGIC Kyoto Organising Committee

The MAGIC Kyoto Organising Committee is a small group comprised of members from Mind Creators Japan Inc., and Shibuya Productions (based in Monaco) that looks to help celebrate pop culture, be it anime, manga or video games. 



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