Project Reports

[Mt. Fuji Clean-up Project: Keeping Mt. Fuji to the Standard of a World Heritage Site]

Mt. Fuji Clean-up Project ー Poster Displayed in the Area at Certain Locations

Today we asked several locations to display our poster which includes our goal and the link to our project page. This would be the Camp Village Nomu on the West Lake, and Koan Camp Site at Lake Motosu. 

Through our actions, we hope that people learn more about the problems Fuji faces in regards to rubbish in the area. 

We want to expand our network, and cooperate with locations and organisations. 

Thank you to both campsites for their help!


Participating members

・North Foot Trek Guidesノースフットトレックガイズ

・Mt.Fuji Outdoor Tours

・Mount Fuji Trail Club一般社団法人マウントフジトレイルクラブ

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