Project Reports

[Mt. Fuji Clean-up Project: Keeping Mt. Fuji to the Standard of a World Heritage Site]

Fuji Clean Project ー 6 Days Since the Start of the Project

“ The beginning of the project ”

At the moment we’ve had 18 people back the project!

To be honest we were quite nervous and worried about launching this project, and we still are a bit. 

However since we started the project, we have had so many kind words as well as actual people backing the project itself, and we feel encouraged by this. 

We’ve also had many people share the project on social media, and we are so grateful. 

We’ve also had interest and comments from people from around the Mt Fuji Five Lakes, and from those that wish to help with the clean up. Our network is growing thanks to this! 

Thanks for you support!

“ Aiming for success ”


This project is an All or Nothing project. This means that if the project doesn’t meet it’s goal, we can’t move on to make what we aim for possible. 

In order to make sure that all the effort and encouragement from the current backers isn’t wasted, we will work extremely hard to make this project successful!

We understand that making an account and using your credit card is a bit of a nuisance but we hope that you can help!


↓This was taken August 15th from Eboshi-dake

We got information that a lot of rubbish was found thrown away from the panorama stand. 

We can’t confirm properly due to thick vegetation but we will check once more during the winter season. 

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