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New returns added to the Shirakawago Light Up Guidebook Project!

 Hey everyone!

Thank you for using Japankuru Funding! We appreciate your use of our site!

We have added new returns to their project for those that can’t attend but what to support the project! This is great not only for people that aren’t coming but also those that couldn’t get tickets. Right now the only other way of visiting is via tourbus.

The returns we’ve added are the following:

1000 Yen

Receive a PDF of the guidebook so you can also learn about the area and maybe think about planning your trip for the following year! Your name will also be put into the book!

2000 Yen 

Have a guidebook delivered straight to your house! Your name will also be delivered straight to your door. 


Get a entry ticket for the Shirakawa-go Photo Contest. More details about this will follow! Your name will also be put into the book!

We hope that you will be able to help this project and help it be successful!


The Japankuru Funding Team


Creating a community made guidebook for the Shirakawa-go Light-Up Event!

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