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[Creating a community made guidebook for the Shirakawa-go Light-Up Event!]

Looking at the Shirakawago Light Up Guidebook Project Rewards!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday (Saturday October 6th) we launched the 「Creating a community made guidebook for the Shirakawa-go Light-Up Event!」 Project!

We’d like to introduce some of the returns that you can get if you back the project!

First is the Kasa, a traditional style straw hat! This return has no limit so you can back as many as you would like and walk around as a group in traditional fashion!


The second big return that has been prepared is the Mino! This is a traditional style straw coat! It is limited to only 3 per day so back the project quick if you wish to rent one! Also make a note in the remarks section when you back to let us know which day you’ll want to use it!


Check out the project and if you can go, you should definitely back it! If you can’t then please share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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