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Helpful Information Regarding Crowdfunding 1

How can I make my project success? What do I need to do so? Are questions that all good project creators have!

We want to introduce you to some information that we think is extremely helpful to those that want to create a success project! All this information is based on previous successful projects.

Breakdown of a success project

  1. First 3 days > Over 25% of target reached
  2. Middle of Project > Everyday a backer helps fund the project (even if it’s only 1 Yen)
  3. Before the last 3 days> The project is at or is over 60%

With these timings in mind we’ll break down a little bit more.

The first 3 days:

The first three days is where a projects potential is seen. By contacting and having your surrounding network back the project, it shows that your project is one that can both be trusted as well as being viable to succeed! Without the backing of those around you, it’s hard for outside backers to also get behind you.

The middle period:

With each day, while you are working on the PR for your project, it’s always easier to appeal to everyone by showing the day by day growth! 

The last 3 days:

By reaching 60% before the last 3 days, it allows for you to both call out those that haven’t backed the project yet showing that you’re close but you need their help as well as this it encourages others to help with the last spurt, that last push. 

By getting these 3 points down during your project, the whole of the project becomes a lot easier. If you have that first 25% or more, it shows how interested and how determined you are about your own project. Especially with All Or Nothing projects as it means that without this backing, your dream won’t come true. 

We hope that you take these points into consideration when choosing a project type as well as preparing your own project! 

Next time we’ll talk about the necessary things to invoke peoples empathy for your project!


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