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Helpful Information Concerning Crowdfunding Vol.00


Japankuru Funding has been running for just over 1 year and a half, and how far we have progressed as a crowdfunding site is all down to the backers as well as the project creators! Since February 2018, we have tried to provide those that look at our site with projects that are focused on creating better experiences for those that visit or live in Japan.

Since the beginning we have faced many challenges, especially in regards to receiving backing from foreign countries as well as how to support project creators! 

[I want to create a project that will make Foreigners happy]

[I want to create a project that foreigners will back and be involved in!]

These types of projects are those that we mainly focus on, and we want to be able to help those that are looking to make such projects! 

If you are even just a little bit interested please contact us via our contact info linked here or in our FAQ!


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