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Vol. 8: Frequently Asked Questions About Raising Money From Abroad

JAPANKURU FUNDING is a crowdfunding platform that allows for people all over the world to back projects, as well as this having all projects translated into 3 different languages, (Japanese, English, and Traditional Chinese) .

With this article, we want to answer some questions that people might have about the site. 

Q. Can anyone start a project?―

At the current time, only those that have the backing of a Japanese company or organisation can create projects. As well as this we request documents, such as previous years statements, and official company registration documents.

Q. When will funds be transferred?―

The funds for the project (if successful for an All or Nothing project) are transferred two months from the end of the project (at the end of the month).

Q. Can Japanese people also back projects?―

Japanese and foreigners can both back the projects! Anyone that has a VISA, Master Card, Diners, AMEX, JCB can back the projects.

Q. Can project creators leave press releases and press to Japankuru Funding?―

Of course Japankuru Funding will help with Press Releases but we also expect that project creators also look at press relations from their own side. 

Q. How much does it cost to create a project on the platform?―

There are no initial costs for starting a project. At the end of a project (if successful for an All or Nothing project) Japankuru Funding will take a commission from the final raised amount (19% +3.5% card fees).

Q. What currency will payment be processed in?―

Payment will all be processed in Japanese Yen. The rate that payment will be processed will be decided by the backers card company.

Q. How does the project page get translated?―

We have native English and Traditional Chinese writers at JAPANKURU FUNDING meaning that translation will be done in house. However a precision translation is not guaranteed and might be changed to appeal to foreign audiences. There is a possibility to ask for translation or proofreading from an outside company as an extra costed option. 

Q. Will the pages be the same or different  in each language?―

There will be a difference in each language based on the target and the subject matter of the project. 

Q. Will the information that is put on foreign sites be accurate?―

While the information that is provided to foreign sites on the project will be correct, there are cases where the site itself edits or changes information. This normally will be to help appeal best to the readers of that site. 


If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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