Project Reports

Vol. 7: How we co-ordinate with Project Creators to Make Crowdfunding Projects Succeed

In order to make project successful and to raise funds from abroad, there are many different things that project creators can do!

As our crowdfunding platform has the ability to receive funds from all over the world, with native writers from both England and Taiwan able to help with any questions that backers might have. 

With this, in order to make your crowdfunding project successful, we want to let you know what things we need you to do to help with the success of the project as well as what we will do in return!



  1.  The provision of the platform to help overseas payment
  2.  Strategic Project Planning
    ・ Page Design
    ※Project creators create the Japanese for the page
    ・ Return ideas
    ・ Planning for SNS including pre launch posts
  3. Overseas page creation
  4. PR for overseas market 
    (Free Press Release services・Information dissemination)
  5. Responding to inquiries from overseas

From the side of the Project Creator

  1. Japanese Project Page Writing
  2.  Project awareness and SNS (those close to you)
  3. Paid Press releases or Japanese bound Press Releases ※Options available 
  4. Questions from Japanese backers
  5. Replies to comments on the project
  6. Project Updates
  7. Running the project
  8. Shipping of Returns
  9.  Interaction with Backers

When it comes to backers of any crowdfunding project, it is necessary to show a determination and devotion to your own project. This is in things as small as replying to messages and comments, as well as telling everyone about the progress of your project and keeping everyone up to date about it. In regards to overseas backers, JAPANKURU FUNDING will of course help with this! 

We hope that we can work together to create as well as carry on improving your project together!

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