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Vol.6: How to appeal to foreign backers

The main aim behind JAPANKURU Funding is to create projects that can connect Japan to the world, and for these projects to be able to make those that come to Japan HAPPY.

With this, it’s a possibility for backers all over the world to be involved with any project that is on the site, and for them to be able to back all the projects. 

As well as this, in order to make everything much easier for the potential backers, all the content on the site is translated by real native speakers into Japanese, English, and Traditional Chinese. This makes the projects all easier to understand from a native speakers stand point. 

Finally with the massive media base that is JAPANKURU behind this site, it has the ability to reach all 700,000 fans of Japankuru! 

BUT that’s not all! Being a media company, we have a multitude of different influencers in our reach!  


Examples of Foreign PR

■Asian Influencers PR Examples

With a variety of projects, we’ve been able to ask one of our closest influencers, MONDO, who is extremely popular abroad in Taiwan to introduce a few projects, such as the Foo Towel and A.Ka Pants project! With this, over 5000 people came to see the page! Outside of MONDO we have a multitude of different influencers that have also introduced our projects! 

■Europe and America PR Examples

In America and Europe many influencers have introduced the projects via Instagram and Youtube. One of our main influencers that has helped is LovelyzKelly! With her help she has introduced a multitude of projects!

Of course when it comes to these influencers, it’s not a given that they will do so, they must be approached and will only work with brands that fit their image. However influencers can have a massive affect on a project, and create a great amount of movement for it! Please think about it when creating your project!

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