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Vol. 5: The Power of Community and Crowdfunding- Taiwan Vegetarian Guidebook

The Vegetarian population all over the world is increasing yearly. While in Japan, this group of people is a minority, there are still over 300,000,000 people in the world that identify as being vegetarian. With this, Japan has a massive problem when it comes to entertaining this group of visitors which equals about 5% of visitors to Japan. With this in mind, the project creator, having ties to foreign vegetarians in Taiwan looked to help travellers that use Traditional Chinese by creating a special guidebook just for them.


Project Outline

・Project Title:Creating a Guidebook Focusing on Vegetarian Restaurants in Kansai! (Written in Traditional Chinese)

・Project Creator: Food Diversity

・Target:1,000,000 Yen

・Amount Raised:1,076,000 Yen(107.6%)

・Time taken to achieve goal:30 Days

・Number of Backers: 223

・Type of Project:All or Nothing

▲Capture of Taiwan Vegetarian Guidebook Project

This project was ran by Hiroto Yamazaki, who had already released a Tokyo version of the Vegetarian Guidebook, and who is a Vegetarian Influencer in Japan and Taiwan. After seeing the problems that faced vegetarians that came to Japan that couldn’t enjoy themselves, he took it upon himself to try help correct the problem.

With about 13% of the population of Taiwan vegetarian, and the number of Taiwanese people coming to Japan roughly hitting 5,000,000, this means that about each year 600,000 people that come to Japan from Taiwan are vegetarian.

So this project was looking at those that could read Traditional Chinese and were looking to travel to Kansai.


Returns for the project, included having the backers name in the book, as well as the book itself. As well as this there are special coupons included in the guidebook if they backed the project to receive it.

Main Points

This project was one of the most appropriate projects for the site with our tagline being [Making visitors to Japan HAPPY] and this looked to help a struggling group of visitors to Japan able to enjoy their holidays here.

There was a massive backing from the community that Mr. Yamazaki held, and this group was extremely sympathetic to this cause. With most of the projects funding from overseas, it was a huge success!


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