Project Reports

Vol. 03: Projects that Invoke Empathy – Introducing a Project that Raised Over 5000000 Yen

Up until now we’ll talked about some of the things projects must do to be successful. So from this post, we want to introduce some projects that have raised a rather large amount of backing that showcase the things that are necessary for project to succeed.


Example of a project that invokes Empathy

■Project Outline
・Title:Bringing the Future Players of Rugby to the World Stage! Holding the Second Ever, First Japanese World University Rugby Invitation Tournament 2019 Held Before the Rugby World Cup!

 ・Project Creator: WASEDA CLUB

 ・Target :5,000,000 Yen

・Raised Amount:6,266,000 Yen(125.32%)

・Time until reaching target:40 days

・Number of backers: 273 backers

・Type of Project:All or Nothing

This project was created with the plan to help improve the [World University Rugby Invitation Tournament 2019](Otherwise known as WURIT) grounds and hold events to support local children by putting them in touch with the international students. With this being the year of rugby in Japan, and to coincide with the Rugby World Cup being held in Japan, it was the perfect event to bring to the front as a representative of University Sports. It was held by Waseda University, with the project creator being WASEDA CLUB, an organisation that focuses on sports in the local area.

The Project creator being part of the Rugby OB Club, was able to bring the project to around 2,000,000 yen within the first 2 days, well over the recommended 25% target for the first 3 days. With this,  on the last day, they were able to finish with over 125% or 6,266,000 Yen funding, an incredible amount for a university sporting event.

A look at what else made it succeed

Obviously one of the things that made this project succeed was the idea we put forward in our first volume, that of getting over 25% of your target within the first 3 days. By doing so and getting nearly 50% it gives the people that look at the project the feeling that it will succeed.

As well as this, with this being the second time that this event was held, and the first being held in 2015 in Oxford University, it opened up the ability to use the teams that are coming social media and fans. With famous teams creating a buzz overseas it was easier to cause an empathetic feeling for the project. As well as this, by creating an official home page  and SNS, it allowed for fresh info to come out about the tournament and the crowdfunding project. 

Also with it being held just before the Rugby World Cup, it was also easier to be picked up by media and those involved with the sport. 

To get backers from all over the world, it is important to get those that are interested in the idea to broadcast it out to those others that might hold an interest. 


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