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Vol.11: Looking a service to help with foreigners renting cars in Japan

As the amount of guests to Japan increases each year, a large number of these visitors are often repeaters that enjoy being in the country. Of these repeaters, many are drivers that bored of the cities and wish to escape to the countryside. Another reason for this escape might be the amount of people coming into and crowding places like Kyoto or Tokyo creating problems such as overtourism.

With a year on year increase of about 140% in rental car users from abroad, this niche is a perfect place to appeal to foreigners, but with many not knowing about Japanese road rules or not having confidence on driving in another country, Drive Japan looks to change that.

Another problem that Drive Japan looks to solve is the lack of information about areas that lead drivers to the wrong area or location. With the company already developed in Kyushu and Okinawa, they looked to create a set of routes for Hokkaido!

Project concerning foreigners that rent cars in Japan

Project Outline

・Helping Tourists to Japan by Creating Special Driving Routes that will Allow Visitors to Hokkaido Enjoy Their Time to the Fullest!

・Project Creator: Drive Japan



・Time until project success:30 Days

・Number of backers: 82

・Type of Project:All or Nothing

▲「Drive Japan」Project Page Capture

The funding raising project was to help Drive Japan move on to their next goal of plotting out Hokkaido for their intuitive website, a route planner that helps people find their own way around certain routes.

For the returns of this project, a multitude of them were prepared for both people inside Japan and outside coming to travel. For those that were coming to visit Hokkaido, a special restaurant map and driving guidebook were prepared, with those inside Japan able to get access to a special return for support, a T-Shirt as well as specially prepared video message of thanks!

Key Point


JAPANKURU FUNDING was in charge of designing and directing the entire project, as well as providing press releases to Taiwanese media, disseminating information via SNS, and advice on accurate timing.

What made this project a success was more on the people that supported Mr. Oto the creator of the site, as well as range of people that looked to help people visiting Japan and wished to drive.

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