Project Reports

Vol. 2 The Importance of Community Behind Crowdfunding!

With the last article we provided information on crowdfunding projects that were successful, looking at the three main points that they share. 

This time, we want to look at how to get people behind you and your project!

The first thing thought that we want you to understand is the whole idea of crowdfunding, it is not just a place to get money. 

No matter the project, a big pull for many is looking for project creators that are enthusiastic about their project, for those that are looking to make their project a reality. 


Many thing that if they launch a project, they will get money flooding in, but the truth is that that is far from the truth, with close to zero percent of projects being able to do so. 

The use of a crowdfunding platform, be it this one or others, is that it allows for project creators to get in touch with those all around the world, and to create an easy way for them to fund your project. Without moving to find those people yourself, creating a successful project is extremely difficult.


The are 4 big points for all project to be success and to connect to backers. 

  1. How passionate the creator is about their project
  2. The strength of the community and those sympathetic to the project 
  3. How much information has been provided about the project before the launch
  4. The source of where this information is coming

With these points down, it becomes much easier make a project successful. 

If for example, you choose to go with Facebook as being a main source of your backers, then it comes down to how much preparation did you do, have your followers signed up to the site, are they ready to back when you launch? 

This preparation before you launch, is extremely important, and as we said, the first 25% in the first 3 days can be the make or break of a project, no matter how good the idea is. 

If you’ve prepared well, you’ve amassed your community behind you and have showed them that all this preparation couldn’t be done without them, and made sure that all the work to make pre-launch details are out their and you are constantly showing how your working to make this project a success, you will be in a much easier position to make your project reach it’s target! 

After all this is Crowdfunding, you need that crowd behind you to help support you!


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