Project Reports

Biei Project Hits 100% in 3 Days!

On Friday 24th May 2019, we launched the Biei Project in order to raise money to help create signage in the area, and help educate people on the area. This is a large problem as many of the visitors don’t realise that each of the farms are private property, and by entering without permission, it can cause large scale damage to the crops. 

By Monday 27th May 2019, it had already reached its goal and still carries on climbing! Thank you to everyone that has supported us so far! We can’t believe that we have had such a great response already!

You can find the project here and help it reach new heights! We’re hoping that we can help a large amount of people know about the plight of the farmers, about how they are are struggle with the effects of overtourism

Protecting the Countryside, Creating Harmony Between Visitors and Farmers! Making Biei the Best Place it can be!


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