Project Reports

Greetings all! 

We’ve been really happy with the amount of help and support that we’ve got since the launch of the project! One of the biggest voices that we’ve heard from people abroad is that they wanted to see an A.Ka pants for ladies! So we put our heads together and came up with a design for this new A.Ka Pants with a concept of being [Durable, Soft, Cute] !

With that we want to announce the addition of a new return! The A.ka Pants for Women!

Made with the same SUVIN cotton and with the same hand made process as the original men’s pants, but the pants are slightly different to the men’s version by a bit more shorter in the leg area and of course being tighter in general. 

For this side of the product, we’ve teamed up with a up and coming model [Yuki] to show off this new design. As you can see, we’ve work hard to create a product that fits with the concept! 


【Return Price】1 Set 15,000 Yen (tax included/ postage cost may change depending on location) A special price for this crowdfunding campaign!

【Sizes available】[for Lady] Medum / Large

【Quantity Available】120 sets ※The 「for Lady」A.Ka Pants will release on January 28th 2018 (Monday).


<b> Bonuses for backing this return</b>

To celebrate this large event and the release of this product worldwide, we are including two special bonuses! 

  1. Specially made box to fit the pants perfectly within! Using the amazing craftsmen that created the box that fits our original A.Ka Pants, we have asked them again to create one that fits this ladies version as well!
  2. A special 10% discount off each set to give more people the chance to get this amazing fitted underwear! 


Get a matching pair of his and her A.Ka pants and feel the amazing comfort when wearing them! 

Let the luck come to you and order a pair or two for the upcoming Chinese New Year!  

You can find the page here: 

[The A.Ka Project] A collaboration of Japanese craftsmen creating extraodinary quality traditional red underwear!



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