Project Reports

Hello Everyone! 

We’re really excited to announce the launch of the Abbey Road Roppongi project! 

Before the coronavirus pandemic happened, we had put in place plans to move locations from one part of Roppongi to a different part. As this happened, Japan unfortunately succumbed to the coronavirus and our planned closing of the old building and the opening of the new one was affected. We have been unable to operate as a bar since the beginning of March now, and this means that it’s getting harder and harder to support our staff. We plan to open as soon as possible, but we are still worried as coronavirus is affecting business still, and customers are still nervous to go to various establishments. 

Our target goal is 500,000 Yen and we will run the project until August 27th. 

We have a few returns, such as long lasting gift vouchers that you can keep until August 2022! As well as special nameplates that will hang in the entrance hallway, one which will allow visiting guests to sign their name to commemorate their visit!

Thank you for your support! You can find the project here:

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