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[Information about the Kendama World Cup!]

The 5th Kendama World Cup [Official Title: Wood One Kendama World Cup Hatsukaichi 2018] will be held this weekend on the 21st and 22nd July in Hiroshima Prefecture, Hatsukaichi!

For more details and a full schedule, please visit the Kendama World Cup page!

This tournament will be our 5th and we feel this is going to be a big turning point for the event! With the aim of being more global and more fun, we held preliminaries on each continent, invited special guests and top players, and with the help of our crowdfunding project with the aim of increasing the prize money, we have been able increase the prize money to 10,000,000 yen!

Players selected via preliminaries in North America, Europe, Asia, and Japan as well as the top 7 players and champions from the past 3 years have been invited to this year’s World Cup! As well as this we have invited key players from South America and Africa to participate! This was made all possible thanks to the funding raised by all of you! Thank you so very much!
This year, the players able to attend will come from 5 continents, 18 different countries and total a massive number of over 430 people!

So to recap:
434 players (339 from Japan, 95 from overseas)
Players from Japan, America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark, France, Holland, Australia, Malaysia, and for the first time, Spain, Austria, Mozambique, and Brazil!

We are pleased to also announce that DJ KOO, a supporter of ours, will also be in attendance! We hope to create an amazing event for everyone, from new players to experienced veterans!
We’re waiting for you to come! Thank You!

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