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Shurijo Project Donation From Around The World Received and Proclamation of Thanks Given

We are ecstatic to announce that the money from the Shurijo Project has finally been given to Okinawa Prefecture, and in return they have presented the Project Creator, Kazuki Teruya and Japankuru Funding a Proclamation of Thanks for the support and money that has been raised for the rebuilding of the castle. The proclamation was presented today (June 22nd) as can be seen below.

 The project raised 3,740,000 Yen with 793 backers. 376 of those backers came from abroad, from a multitude of countries with 330 of those from Taiwan. Other countries that backed the project were: Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Singapore, Italy, Czech Republic, UK, Peru, New Zealand, Australia. (See Image 2 for the project page)

One of the main reasons for creating this project was that the location was a place that mainly Taiwanese people visited, and they wished to do something to help. 

From there, students from Okinawa University came together to create the project page, and after it was translated into traditional Chinese and English, the project launched at 2pm, the same day that the castle was destroyed. 

After the launch, a various amount of media, influencers and celebrities helped to broadcast the page all across the world, and due to this help, the project was able to raise 1246% of its original target of 300,000 Yen.(Images 3-6)

After taking the credit card fees of 3.5% from the gathered 3,740,000 Yen, a total of 3,609,100 was eventually handed over to Okinawa Prefecture to help with the rebuilding of the castle. 



1.Event: Receival of money raised via the “Shurijo – A tragic loss and a hope to rebuild. Raising money to help with the reparations of this amazing World Heritage site.” Project (Project Creators: Kazuki Teruya, Global Daily, Daily Information) 

2.Date:2020 June 22nd Monday 15:15~15:25 

3.Location: Prefectural Office 6th Floor Special Meeting Room 

4.Donation Amount:3,609,100 Yen 

5.Inquiries to Prefecture Office:Municipal Parks and Recreational Department, Yara TEL:098-866-2035 (Japanese Only)

The Shurijo Project can be found here↓

【Project Outline】

A building that is famed around the world as being one of Okinawa’s amazing landmarks, Shuri Castle in the early hours of October 31st, was scene to a tragic fire that destroyed a large part of the the main building. This happened once in World War II with the castle eventually being rebuilt in 1992, and then it gaining UNESCO status in 2000. It is a massive tourist attraction for the area, with it being home to a unique history as well as the castle being designed with a mixture of Japanese and Chinese architecture.
This Project is looking to raise donations for the castle management, so that when everything has settled, the management for the area can look towards rebuilding.
With that in mind, Japankuru Funding will not be taking any commission fees (only card transaction fees) for this project, so that all the money raised can be given directly to the Naha City.

【Inquiries about this press release】

Daily Information Crowdfunding Division

Phone Number:03-6860-9001

2) Project Page  

   4) Taiwanese News Example「nownews」

4) Taiwanese Influencer that introduces things about Japan「日本自動旅遊中毒者」

5) Japanese famous actor, popular in Taiwan「Mondo」


6) The Student group creating a video message to appeal for more support with special Guest Yoh from ORANGE RANGE

From Top Left)Project Creator Kazuki Teruya, Yoh from ORANGE RANGE, Students from Okinawa University

7) Article released June 22nd in Okinawa Newspaper

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