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Unique Hand-made Origami Accessories!!!

Next Monday (17th September 2018) we will launch a new project!!

The new project from creators at Global Powerpoint, [One of a Kind Hand-made Origami Accessories] will launch!

These amazing handcrafted Earrings allow you to bring a little bit of Japan into your life every day!

And for those of that are quick to back the project, you can get a cool discount! For the first 15 backers in the case of the Crane earrings, and 10 backers for the Shuriken and the Flower Ring pattern, you can back the project at lowered cost of 2500 yen!

As a bonus, each return (limited or normal) will come in a gift box that matches the product!!

As a final plus, the returns for this project are completely customizable!!! Choose the type of origami accessory you want, the colour, the beads used, and also if you want an earring, a fastener, or a keychain!

Thank you for using our site and we hope that find this project as interesting as we do!

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