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A Very Merry Christmas Campaign begins!!!

Thank you for using Japankuru Funding!!

Today, Thursday 6th December 2018, we are pleased to announce our Merry Christmas Campaign!!


In association with the Shinjuku Robot Restaurant, one of the most popular places to visit in Tokyo, we are planning to give away 5 pair tickets to their establishment!!

So how do you participate?

There are a few ways!!

3 pairs of tickets are going to be given to three randomly picked people who have signed up to to Japankuru Funding before the campaign deadline on the 31st December 2018!

2 pairs of tickets will be given to two people that have backed a project up until 31st December 2018!


Selection Process

‐ In order to create a fair contest , the people that win will not have their personal information or name publicly announced.

– The restaurant vouchers will be sent from JAPANKURU FUNDING by post.

– We will contact you via email if you have been selected.

– Limited to one per person!

So for your chance to win sign up and back the projects that we have on our site! Good Luck!!!

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