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About how to back projects!

「I want to back a project but I don’t know how!」、

「I’ve never used crowdfunding before!! 」

are statements that we’ve heard often!So we want to set out a simple how to use our site!

①First you need to make an account if you haven’t already! You can find it at the top of the page! 

You can create an account via Facebook, Twitter, or just your name and email address.

②After Signing Up go to the Top Page of Japankuru Funding and select the project you wish to back!

You can do this by clicking the logo in the Top Left hand corner! 

After finding a project that you are really interested, as well as finding a return that suits you,

choose that return and click it!

 1.Click the 【return】you want!

 2.Choose the 【Payment Method】and put in your details

   ※For those that haven’t created an account, you can click here and sign up via Facebook, Twitter or via email.

     3.Put in the【Return delivery address】

     4.    Follow through with the final checks!

            ※We can’t accept orders by phone, fax or email.

 5. You’re done!





























(Please take note)

When adding your name into the [Credit Card Name] Area

Please make sure you enter your name in「FULL CAPITALS」

(This is a part where a lot of people have a lot of errors appear!)

※The price displayed is the price with tax included!!

※The price displayed also has the delivery costs included!

※In the case of delivery most returns will have their delivery date written.

※All payments are processed in Japanese En

※All or Nothing projects are processed on the final day of the project、All in projects are processed on the day of backing the project!

If there is anything you have any problems with please contact !


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