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Art de Terroir


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Art de Terroir


With the Art de Terroir brand, we want to make cups that compliment and enrich various types of wines when you drink them. With the special urushi coating used on the cups, the taste of the wine is changed as well as being different to various glasses that you may be used to using, giving a whole new experience. With that we created the Terroir series, a series of cups that we hope can change the way you enjoy wine! 

As the Terroir is made from wood, you aren’t able to see the wine as you drink clearly, which helps you to rely on your other senses, smelling the different aromas laced in the wine, as well as feeling the texture as it rolls over your tongue, meaning that you can experience the wine to its fullest. Let your senses take over and go on a journey exploring the world of wine from the start, relying not on your eyes, but the other senses. 



Using wood which doesn’t transfer the heat from the hand easily, and a shape that fits in hand like a bowl, the Terroir is uniquely designed. What’s more, with a tulip-like shape, it lets the aroma of the wine be smelt to the best degree possible. This opening also means that when the wine is being drunk, the perfect amount of wine can be drunk allowing you to enjoy it to its fullest. The way the cup flows also allows for the wine to smoothly come out, as well as helping to release the aroma.

When it comes to describing the best feature of drinking wine using the Terroir, we feel that it has to be the quality and beauty of the urushi lacquer work. We wanted to create a cup that was just a beauty to behold. The shape, the quality of the application of the urushi, as well as how it is perfectly fitting for any wine drinking situation, makes it a simple refined piece of art.  

Furthermore, as the bottom isn’t flat but slightly rounded, when placed on a table, it rocks slightly, giving a sense of peace when you watch. 


Kiko Hachisuka 蜂須賀紀子, a sommelier, lecturer of wine, and writer, supervised over the making of the Terroir, focusing on making the perfect cup for tasting and smelling wine. The cup itself helps change how the wine tastes compared to when using a wine glass. We would love you to try it out for yourself, comparing the difference between the Terroir and the wine glass you would normally use. 


Japan is fortunate to be home to various differently skilled artisans in many different fields, and it is thanks to this that we were able to bring the Terroir to life, creating an amazing lacquerware wine cup. From the talented woodcarver that makes the cups, to the urushi lacquerer that brings out the best of the urushi on the cup. It is only thanks to these amazing craftsmen, that this cup was brought to life. What’s more with this project, we were able to also bring the skills of a talented maki-e painter(a type of lacquer painting with gold and silver also included) to the Terroir, making this cup one of our most elaborate cups to date, one that we feel we can call a piece of fine artwork. 

As well as this, to complement the Terroir, we have created a carry pouch, one that uses natural indigo and traditional dyeing methods. This means that even if you are out and about, you can enjoy wine to its fullest! 

Using traditional Japanese crafting methods, and combining it to complement the world wide wine culture, we created the Art de Terroir brand here in Japan, looking to bring to life an item that can be used and loved by both wine lovers and lacquerware lovers alike, as well as creating a whole new experience for the wine itself. With this Kickstarter project, we hope to introduce this new way of experiencing wine to the rest of the world! 

With that in mind, we have created 2 beautiful unique cups for Kickstarter users to enjoy first! 


We hope that you take this chance to discover the amazing qualities that the Terroir brings to your wine!

The concept of the Art de Terroir brand, is that wine and urushi are extremely alike, with the main commonality being a connecting feature for the interaction between nature and man. 

Wine starts as grapes on a grapevine, where urushi starts in the East Asian Lacquer trees. Both are only possible to come to life through the skills and knowledge that man has come to know about nature over the years, the daily harvesting and care needed for both, as well as both being part of almost exclusive cultures of fine goods, cultures that exceeds and extends borders and generations, to bring people together to admire each of these cultures.

Urushi lacquerware is said to be able to age. As the user of the lacquerware continues to use the item, the colouring of the item changes, becoming slightly lighter as time goes by.

We hope that for people that back this project, when you receive the Terroir, you are able to experience the aging process of the cup, just like wine does, and we hope that cup’s place in your heart grows as well!

A traditional culture that has a history over 10000 years old 

Urushi is sap taken from  Asian Lacquer Trees or Urushi Trees as they are known in Japan, and this sap has been collected and utilized by Japanese crafters for over 10,000 years. This resin is water repellent, prevents decay, and also has an anti-bacterial property. It is also resistant to acid and alkaline alike. For those reasons, it has been used to create Japanese tableware for centuries. 

The process of applying urushi as lacquer takes the skilled hand and time of lacquer workers, and there are mainly 2 methods of doing so. One is polishing the wood grain with the urushi, and the second is using a first coating of clay and urushi, then building on top of that first coating. In each instance, due to the way the urushi reacts, there is a beautiful polish that remains, that has a lovely touch when held, and is one of the types of items that when visitors to Japan come in contact with, is highly regarded as being a beautiful piece of art. This beauty that increases as time goes by, from time immemorial, has been a sought out piece of craftsmanship by domestic and foreign visitors alike. 

However, since the popularisation of using plastics and so on for tableware has increased in the last 100 years, the demand and supply for Urushi lacquerware and therefore the raw materials has taken a sharp downturn. 

In order to make these high quality lacquerware products, the skills of lacquerware craftsmen is needed,  as well as the high quality urushi lacquer that Japan is known for. Without the highly clear urushi that Japan makes available, the amount of lacquerware that can be produced will start to decrease and disappear. 

In recent years, the harvesting of this natural resource has started to be re-examined. With the Art de Terroir brand, we want to bring urushi to the next generation, with an obsession on creating urushi lacquerware using Japanese trees and urushi, as well as spreading the idea of the connection between nature's blessings and mankind's wisdom to wine lovers all over the world. 

The start of the Terroir begins its journey to completion at the hands of the skilled woodcarver, Kanta Hatao. Using high quality Japanese sourced cherry birch that has been collected and obtained during the winter, it is transported to the Kaga Area, Ishikawa Prefecture, an area known for being the largest producer of wood used in creating lacquerware goods. Here high up in the mountains, Kanta Hatao has been honing his skills as a young master woodworker. He saws out the initial piece of wood and sets out to create the unique and beautifully designed Terroir.  

Once the shaping of the Terroir has been completed, it is passed on to our urushi lacquerer. 

Takao Togashi, has over the years come to know and master the use of urushi lacquer, being able to bring out its beauty to the fullest extent, and is known for creating beautiful pieces of art. Using both newer techniques as well as methods that have gone out of fashion or even become obsolete, this amazing craftsman has a strong spirit and takes to a challenge with glee, giving all his work a sense of individuality. He does this work all by hand, with a uniquely high level of concentration, creating some of the best work we have ever seen. 


All natural urushi is of course used to do the lacquer. The TSUYA and KIRAMEKI Terroir are two of the cups that we think you can see the amazing work that goes into creating them. What’s more they are only able to be made during spring and summer. In order for the urushi to harden to the perfect degree, a special temperature and humidity is needed. This is actually rather hard to do and control artificially, and without the natural humidity that we get during those seasons here in Japan, it would be near impossible to make. It is in particular extremely delicate work. 

Maki-e is the process of applying pictures to lacquerware, and has a long rich history. Gold is sprinkled on the paint along with silver or shells, and delicately worked to create stunning pictures on the already beautiful lacquer work. It has an over 1200 year old history. The timing to make these pictures is extremely small, having to do all of this before the first coat of lacquer that the maki-e painter applies is dry.

Mr. Terui has carried on the work that was started by his grandfather and his father before him. With his father, they had the chance to exhibit the process of painting and creating maki-e in America, and have experience creating maki-e on items of all sizes, from tiny bowls to large walls. Creating these delicate but daring pictures takes time, but the end result is a piece of amazing traditional art that is gorgeous but also 3 dimensional, which feels alive.  


The pouch that we are making available for this project is made of a fabric that has been naturally dyed by hand, using traditional techniques passed down. The fabric is dyed using all natural products and no chemicals included, making the fabric and dyeing process extremely eco friendly. The colour itself is a beautiful indigo colour, and the end result also means that it is insect repellent, odour resistant, and tough as well. 

These types of real naturally dyed indigo fabrics are becoming extremely hard to come by. Most products that are dyed to be indigo are synthetically made, and when compared to this process, doesn’t require the amount of man hours or cost, however the end result doesn't have near enough deepness of colour, or be kind to the skin. 

As well as this, at the end of the cord you can find a small wooden ball that has been made from the same type of tree that urushi comes from. The wood is taken from trees that aren’t able to be used to collect urushi anymore, and in making this it looks to help restore the revival of collecting urushi, as well as looking to reduce the wasting of materials and instead recycle them. 


- MAKI-E -蒔絵

This Terroir is an amazing new addition to the Terroir line-up that is releasing first here on Kickstarter! Using the ZEN as a base, the maki-e painter is able to create delicate lines and beautify patterns using a brush that is just 0.3mm wide, as well as placing shells on the surface, and sprinkling gold in all the right places. What has been born through the use of the traditional Japanese art of maki-e is an amazing piece of art that captures the Art de Terroir concept of nature and humans connecting perfectly.

[Complimenting wines]  This Terroir has the same matte texture on the lip of the cup as the ZEN cup. You can feel the texture of the wood, and with refreshing white wines or light acidic reds you can feel are extremely complimented with this cup. The rim of the cup allows for you to sharpen your senses of the wine helping you to identify the base ingredients of the wine easily. We recommend trying this cup mixed with the beautiful stand-out maki-e pictures with a beautifully rich champagne.


This is also a new release for Kickstarter! The SORA is a brilliantly lacquered cup making it look as if it is made from metal or stone, but when you touch and feel the cup, it is actually soft and light to hold. As the urushi lacquer has been applied, flecks of tin and charcoal dust have been sprinkled onto the cup, to give it this unique appearance. The sprinkling of these flecks also means that each cup is extremely unique. As you continue to use the cup over the years, it will slowly lighten, meaning you can watch as the cup evolves! As you pour sparkling wine into this cup, watch as the inside also sparkles and shines, making it seem as if you have a universe in your hand. 

[Complimenting wines] The matte texture of this cup allows for sparkling wine to bubble more, with the inside metallic like coating making the sparkling even more beautiful and prominent.


 The ZEN has been made to try to show off the wood grain that is used. As the grain of the wood is different in each tree and is a sign that it was a living thing, each cup is different. A black urushi base was used to help create this cup. 

[Complimenting Wines] As with our new MAKI-E cup you can feel the texture of the wood, and with refreshing white wines or light acidic reds you can feel are extremely complimented with this cup. The rim of the cup allows for you to sharpen your senses of the wine helping you to identify the base ingredients of the wine easily.


A crimson metallic polished coating has its traditional origins in the Tohoku Region, and we have brought it to the modern age with the TSUYA Terroir. The urushi lacquer that has given the TSUYA its amazing shine is of course harvested here in Japan and is quite rare. As the years go by, the urushi lacquer will transform to become a lighter red, which also gives it a unique see-through feel to it. A truly ever growing piece of lacquerware.

[Complimenting Wines] The TSUYA has the unique quality of giving any type of wine a sense of being smooth and mellow, making any wine seem like a high class wine. Rich White Wine and Full Bodied Reds especially benefit from the TSUYA!


The KIRAMEKI is our flagship cup, starting the Art de Terroir brand’s journey! The colouring of the urushi lacquer was found after various trials and errors. The burning like colour is only able to be made due to the unique and scarce Japanese Urushi. After a few years of use, you will see that the colour becomes slightly transparent like, with it also becoming lighter.

[Complimenting Wines] High class sweet wines such as Sauternes wines and so on are highly recommended to be paired with the KIRAMEKI Terroir. The thick noble rot wines when paired with the smooth lacquer texture makes a beautifully unique sensation, and wonderful mouthful. What’s more, when you pour gold-coloured liquid into this cup, the shine becomes something to behold.

We recommend you to use the cup periodically, as it will allow the cup to be preserved for longer. When washing, please use a soft sponge to do so. You are also free to use washing up liquid. Please refrain from letting water and so on sit in the cup for a long time. After washing, please wipe any excess water away, as this helps to stop any build up of limescale and so on. Please refrain from using in the microwave or dishwasher. 

While you can use warmer liquids in the cup, please refrain from using boiling water.

For a while after the product is finished, there may still remain a smell of the natural urushi. You can still use the cup with no problem. When you remove the cup from the box and it touches the air, the smell will slowly start to dissipate. If the smell concerns you, we recommend regularly using and washing the cup.


For each Terroir, we will also provide a box made of Paulownia wood, which is a traditional type of box used for giving gifts like this. 

※The specially made pouch is an additional option.

Art de Terroir Brand Producers

Left: Chiaki Kato 加藤 千晶

FEEL J Representative Director / Urushiist®

With a deep knowledge of Urushi Lacquer, she works as an official Urushiist®. She looks to promote the connection between people and urushi  culture. She is also working towards teaching the next generation about Urushi and supervising the connecting of urushi culture in Japan to the newly announced SDGs.


Right: Kiko Hachisuka 蜂須賀 紀子

VIN & MARIAGE Representative / Sommelier, Wine Lecture, Writer

With a personal goal of bringing wine culture to new people, she has held a variety of projects concerning wine and various other fields.  Chairperson of the Wine Aroma Therapy Association.



We are old friends that met years ago. Kiko, who has a deep interest in various parts of Japanese cultures attended one of Chiaki’s urushi seminars, and from there a friendship flourished. One of our fondest memories is talking over a bottle of botrytized wine or wine created with grapes affected with noble rot, drinking using cups normally reserved for Japanese sake, and being shocked by the taste and smoothness. The beauty of the urushi cup, combined with the amazingly sweet wine that flowed thickly, created an exceedingly delectable treat. The experience was unforgettable. From there, we started to think about the similarities between wine and urushi, and how nature is ever intertwined with humans, and we created the Art de Terroir brand. This brand looked to change the way people experienced wine, giving them a chance to use lacquerware to smell and taste wine differently, and from that the Terroir was born. 

Creating lacquerware takes an amazing amount of time, from the urushi from the tree to finishing the product. Felling the tree, creating the shape of the item you want, applying the urushi, waiting for it to dry, polishing, reapplying the urushi, polishing and so on. What’s more, if the climate isn’t right, then it becomes near impossible to do. We need to rely on nature heavily to make these products possible. The best time to get the timber we need is during winter.  However the urushi that we use needs to also be collected during the right time as well during summer and autumn. We are at the mercy of nature for most of the process of making these items. 

The best season to apply urushi lacquer is also during the most humid period of the year, which in Japan is summer,  so this is the only time that we can make the Terroir. This also means that the amount of Terroir that we can make is limited. This is exactly the same as how wine is made. In order to make something wonderful, time is required. 

This process has been going on for years, spanning generations, and amazing pieces of art have been created. We hope that you can join us on this amazing journey, and help us with this project! 



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This is an All or Nothing project. This project will be funded if the amount of money raised exceeds its target amount.

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Art de Terroir

Art de Terroir is the joining of urushi lacquer culture and wine culture! Through the Terroir Cup series, the creators look to change how people enjoy and taste wine!

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This is an All or Nothing project. This project will be funded if the amount of money raised exceeds its target amount.

¥16,500 $149 | ZEN -然- Terroir

With this pledge, receive a unique piece of urushi lacquerware, that lets the quality of the wood shine through, creating a chic natural feel!

ZEN -然- Terroir

¥24,200 $219 | SORA -宙- Terroir

One of our brand new releases, first for Kickstarter!! This beautiful lacquered cup creates the amazing illusion of being made out of metal or stone, but is in fact quite the opposite as it is soft and light to the touch!

SORA -宙- Terroir

¥27,500 $249 | TSUYA -艶- Terroir

A crimson metallic polished coating makes this amazing cup shine! A cup that changes over time this is an amazing piece that really shows off the qualities of urushi.

TSUYA -艶- Terroir

¥30,800 $279 | KIRAMEKI -煌- Terroir

The KIRAMEKI is our flagship Terroir and started us on this fabulous journey. With a burning orange colour, this is a unique piece of urushi lacquer work!

KIRAMEKI -煌- Terroir

¥39,600 $359 | MAKI-E -蒔絵- Terroir

A whole new venture for us with the Terroir as we add amazing maki-e to the outside of the cup, increasing the uniqueness even more! Created with the help of an amazing maki-e painter, this piece of art uses their years of skills to make this beautiful cup!

MAKI-E -蒔絵- Terroir

¥40,000 $362 | TSUYA -艶- & ZEN -然- Terroir Set

A beautifully paired set of TSUYA and ZEN allows you to see two unique sides of these lacquer cups, with one being able to show off the amazing wood patterns while the other shows off the beautiful work of shiny lacquer! What's more you get this pair at 9% off the original price!

TSUYA -艶- Terroir
ZEN -然- Terroir

¥47,000 $425 | TSUYA -艶- & SORA -宙- Terroir Set

The TSUYA is paired with the SORA to create a magnificent pairing! The SORA is perfect for sparkling wines, while the TSUYA is great for rich white wines and full-bodied reds, giving you the ability to choose a variety of wines to enjoy with these cups! What's more you get this pair at 9% off the original price!

TSUYA -艶- Terroir
SORA -宙- Terroir

¥60,000 $543 | TSUYA -艶- SORA -宙- ZEN -然- Set

A brilliant triple set that shows off the amazing work that goes behind making the Terroir cups! What's more you get this set at 12% off the original price!

TSUYA -艶- Terroir
SORA -宙- Terroir
ZEN -然- Terroir

¥85,000 $769 | TSUYA ・SORA ・ZEN・ KIRAMEKI

Get your hands on this amazing set of 4, that lets you enjoy a vast amount of wines and changing how you experience wine forever! What's more you get this set at 14% off the original price!

TSUYA -艶- Terroir
SORA -宙- Terroir
ZEN -然- Terroir
KIRAMEKI -煌- Terroir

¥119,000 $1,084 | Full Set

Get your hands on the full set of Terroir with pledge level! Enjoy wine and urushi together, and changing how you experience wine forever! What's more you get this set at 14% off the original price!

MAKI-E -蒔絵- Terroir
SORA -宙- Terroir
KIRAMEKI -煌- Terroir
TSUYA -艶- Terroir
ZEN -然- Terroir
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