Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Parent Company

Company Name Global Daily Co., LTD
CEO Hirohisa Nakahara
Address 〒110-0015 Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Ueno 4-8-1 TIXTOWER UENO 13F
Tel. No. 03-6860-7011


We do take calls and emails but due to the number of calls and emails that we receive please be advised that you might have to wait for a reply.

About returns on this site

Payment Methods Credit Card
Charges outside of backing projects There are no outside costs of using this site.
All prices on the site are VAT included.
Ordering a return The returns that are featured on the individual projects are received as follows. You can only apply for the return on the site. Anything after this is down to the Project Creator. We hold no responsibility for said returns.
Delivery of the returns The date of delivery will be displayed on the site.
Limits of returns The returns and their limits and so own can be seen on each individual page. 
Shipping of Returns After the end of the Project and depending on the type and if it is successful, the returns will be shipped after this date. 
About User Data For more info on how we process and use User Data check the Privacy Policy.
About returning Returns We can not refund returns for projects that are successful. In regards to individual projects and refunds, be contact the Project Creators.
Lowest amount that can be backed ¥500.00
Highest amount that can be backed ¥3,000,000.00
In the case of broken or damaged returns Please contact the Project Creator in case of any damaged or broken returns