• Can the financial aid be canceled?

    Financial aid that has been completed cannot be canceled.

  • What happens if the target amount is not reached within the recruitment period?

    In the case of All or Nothing, the amount that is gathered up until that point will be refunded. There will be no J FUNDING fees applied.

    In the case of All In, even if the target amount has not been reached, the handling fee will be withdrawn from the gathered amount and transferred to the drafter.

  • Can you support from other than Japan?

    It can be supported from all over the world.

  • What are the available payment methods?

    Credit card payments (VISA, Master Card, Diners, AMEX, JCB) are accepted.

    *Credit cards with more than 100 days remaining until the expiration date are eligible.

  • What are the fees for drafting?

    The J FUNDING fee is 10% (not including the 3.5% processing fee).

  • When will the gathered funds be transferred?

    Accounts will be settled at the end of the month of the final day of the recruitment period, and funds will be transferred at the end of the month after next.

  • In what currency will the payment be processed if the credit card is issued overseas?

    All payments will be settled in Japanese Yen.

  • When paying with a credit card issued overseas, which date`s exchange rate will be applied?

    It will vary depending on the credit card issuing company.

  • Who is responsible for Return shipping costs?

    Return shipping costs (including overseas shipping) will be the paid by the drafter. Please consider the availability of international shipping when selecting the return contents.

  • When will Returns arrive?

    Shipping dates of Returns will differ for each project. Please confirm the project`s detail page.Regarding Issuing of Receipts.Also, regarding shipping to overseas, delivery schedule may be delayed compared to returning to Japan.

  • How do I issue a receipt?

    For receipts, please contact info@gldaily.com.(In the case of All or Nothing, receipts will only be issued if the target amount for the project is reached.)

  • Is the fund recruitment period ever extended?

    In the case of All or Nothing projects, if any issues with credit card payments arise after payments are completed, the recruitment period may be extended.Accordingly, the shipping date of Returns may also be delayed.Thank you for your understanding.

  • About tariff

    For shipment to overseas, customs duties may occur depending on the return content and the shipping country judgment.