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新しいサービス、新しいアイデア、新しい快適さ、新しい体験 まだ見たことのない日本の オモテナシ はここから生まれる。 新しいサービス、新しいアイデア、新しい快適さ、新しい体験 まだ見たことのない日本の オモテナシ はここから生まれる。


JAPANKURU FUNDING is a site for cross-border crowdfunding to support projects that will make tourists visiting Japan happy.


Japankuru is a project that was launched in September 2012 and that focuses mainly on producing and sending out content for tourists visiting Japan from abroad.
With “Let’s Share Our Japanese Stories” as the concept, it is managed by a team of creators of foreign nationalities, and they are making unique content from the Perspective of a Foreigner through things like their travel experiences within the country. These are people that have been all over Japan and experienced its fabulous unique locations and people. We then send out these Perspectives of Foreigners, all over the world through various devices and channels in multiple languages.

JAPANKURU Official Website

Crowd Funding Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding is inviting contributions of funds from the general public through the Internet.
It is a coined term that combines the words “crowd” and “funding,” and in cases where you need to raise necessary funds for a project you want to realize or for developing new products, you can call out for funds widely on the Web.


JAPANKURU FUNDING is a site for cross-border crowdfunding to support projects that will make tourists visiting Japan happy.

We are specializing in projects to make tourists visiting Japan from abroad happy

JAPANKURU FUNDING will support projects that will allow tourists visiting Japan to have new experiences. We will invite contributions of ideas that touch on the attractions of Japan more deeply, more comfortably, and at your own leisure. You can invite contributions of the funds needed to carry out the project from the small amount of 3000 yen through the Internet.

You can raise funds from abroad

You can raise funds from abroad

In addition to Japanese, this website supports English and Chinese (traditional), and the project owner can seek funds raised in yen from around the world. We are supporting payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard) for backers living abroad. Let’s expand the circle of global support without constraints like country or currency.

What you can do on JAPANKURU FUNDING

  • PR / Get fans

    Through fundraising, many people can find out about the project, and you can do PR activities and get fans.

  • Raise funds

    You can collect funds by using crowdfunding. By doing so you can make what was not possible before a reality.

  • Support projects

    By backing the project, you can support the project and the developers. It is possible to easily back something for a small sum of money.

  • Accept return

    The selected return will be sent when the project you are backing achieves its goal. Returns vary, including products and experience-based services.

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